About Us

The Circle Oak Ranch has a great family history!  Circle Oak Ranch began as bare land that was purchased in the early 1970s by Ron’s parents (Ron & his wife, Jennifer, own & operate the ranch today!).  As a child, Ron & his family spent weekends and summers at the ranch as they slowly constructed the buildings that exist on the property today.  Throughout Ron’s childhood, the family ranch was a retreat from their busy weekday lives in Garden Grove, CA.  The property was named Circle Oak Ranch due to the many oak trees that circle the field where the grand ceremony oak stands today.  Over the years the ranch housed Black Angus cows, horses, chickens, citrus  groves, alfalfa fields, vegetable gardens, etc…

Ron’s family was drawn to the De Luz Valley because his mom lived in the valley as a young girl.  In the 1940s, she graduated 8th grade from the one-room De Luz school house that is located around the corner from the property.  The one room school house is now a museum and ecological center that is visited by Fallbrook students every year.

In the following decades, the ranch continued to be enjoyed by family and friends and created countless special memories.  Here’s some pictures from the early days at the ranch: